• The Origin of Grit-O'Cobs

    The product line known as The Andersons Grit-O'Cobs was created in the mid-1950s when our product development team imagined new uses for this all-natural renewable resource. The result was Grit-O'Cobs. The corncob grit comes from the hard woody ring which has mild abrasive properties, while the pith and chaff have highly absorbent qualities. Today there are dozens of Grit-O'Cobs products working in hundreds of applications throughout the world!

  • Get the Job Done

    Great results are no surprise when you choose the original-- genuine Grit-O'Cobs® granules. No matter the application, you'll achieve professional results and outstanding value. Hard and abrasive, yet soft and absorbent; strong and powerful, yet gentle and biodegradable, the properties of Grit-O'Cobs seem impossible. But bottom line, Grit-O'Cobs works. Accept no substitutes.

  • A Word From Doctor Cob

    Welcome to The Andersons Grit-O'Cobs web site. We are the largest processor of corncobs in the world! Over the years, I've worked with hundreds of customers like you to develop either a new corncob product or provide information on how to use cob for their particular application. If you have a question or comment, I'd love to hear from you.

Naturally Eco-Friendly Grit-O'Cobs

Naturally Eco-Friendly

Grit-O'Cobs material starts as corn cobs grown on midwestern American farms. A durable and renewable resource, Grit-O’Cobs is 100% environmentally friendly. As an all-natural, virtually dust free, non-toxic, silica free product, no special disposal may be required depending on specific use.
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Our Customers

Grit-O'Cobs customers include: professional contractors, restoration specialists, plant managers and superintendents, product manufacturers, scientists, taxidermists, and do-it-yourselfers such as pet owners, boat owners, log home owners, maintenance and remediation providers.
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About The Andersons, Inc.

About The Andersons

What began as a single grain elevator and one man’s dream, has grown into a publicly traded company with diverse interests that include agribusinesses such as grain and plant nutrients, as well as railcar leasing and repair, industrial products formulation, turf products, retailing and ethanol operations. Founded by Harold Anderson and his family, the original goal of the organization was to make it easier for regional farmers to take their corn to market. The business philosophy of serving others, primarily the customer, remains the bedrock of company beliefs. Today the company and its 3,000+ employees remain committed to providing extraordinary service with the utmost integrity.
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